How Much Does a Home Removal Cost in 2022?

Moving home can be a daunting task. Not only are you moving all of our personal belongings from one home to another, but Moving Home will take up a chunk of your budget. So how much does a home removal cost and how much should you budget for?

What's the Average Home Removal Cost?

The cost of Moving Home will always vary, with an array of factors that will contribute to a final price. Firstly is the size of the property. Although not a guaranteed indicator of the volume to be moved, the costs outlined below are good estimate of what you should be paying depending on your house size. All estimates don’t include our packing service and assume the distance traveled is less than 20 miles.


What Removal Services Do You Need?

As a Professional Removal Company we offer several additional services that the traditional man and van cannot offer. Your home removal cost will vary depending on the services you require.

  • Assembly & disassembly of furniture
  • Packing and unpacking as well as specialist crates etc for high value items
  • Transportation/moving/relocation
  • Temporary Storage (no time limit on length of storage)
  • Parking Suspensions (yes, we can even arrange for special parking dispensation for your move)
  • Packing Supplies (order online and collect in-store, or have them delivered!)


The main reason we always try to do a 1-to-1 Survey, or a Video Survey, is to get an idea of the volume of goods to be moved. This gives us a much better guide for an accurate home removal cost. However, if someone is a minimalist, then their 3 bed home might only have 500ft³ to move.

However in comparison, we’ve had some 3 bed homes that have been full to the brim, with over 2500ft³ to move. Not only would we need 2 different sizes of vans for each of these 3 bedroom moves, we may need additional staff for the higher volumes. Therefore, the cost of your move can vary a lot depending on what you need moved. That’s why we always recommend a pre-removal survey before giving out any prices.


Additional Costs

As a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) we always require payment upon the booking of your removal. However, there are certain situations than can result in additional home removal costs.

For example, if your keys are delayed by your solicitors, then you may have to pay overtime costs for the removal men, and potentially even storage costs if you can’t move in there and then. That’s why we offer a Late-Key-Waiver on most house moves. For a set fee this allows our removal teams to work on without any additional home removal costs! So be sure to make sure your removal company offers you this, or you’ll need to factor in additional home removal costs should things not go to plan.

Also be sure to have read the terms and conditions of your move, with particular importance on their cancellation policy. If you cancel your move then there may be cancellation costs involved. These costs depend on how far in advance you have cancelled. However, the bonus of our terms and conditions is such that if your move falls through 10 days prior to the commencement day, a full refund will be given with no penalties or deposits taken.


Key Home Removal Costs when Moving Home

A typical home removal cost is usually based on several factors. The include, but are not limited to:
Volume – The overall volume of your goods to be moved. Usually calculated by a surveyor during a video or 1-to-1 survey. This volume will determine the size of the vehicle required and how long it will take for a removal crew to pack and/or load the removal truck.
• Access – One the most commonly forgot about factors when moving home. If you can’t get parked right outside the property, then the time taken for the men to move goods back and forward will take longer, and as such your removal costs will increase. For example, for homes with tight access we might need to use 2 smaller vans as one truck would be too big to get close enough to unload.
• Distance Travelled – Removal Trucks aren’t the most fuel economic. So if you’re moving across countries then the cost of moving will be much greater than if you are moving within your local area. For moves abroad, costs like import tax and ferry tickets will also come into play.
• Additional Services – At Purdie Worldwide we offer several additional services that can affect your removal costs. We offer a complete packing service so you don’t have to even touch a box if you don’t want to. Also on offer is our disconnection and re-connection packages where one of our Maintenance teams can disconnect appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. They can then re-connect the devices at your new property. If you have any specialist items that require special attention, then we also offer a bespoke crating service where we create a custom wooden case to protect these delicate items.
• Moving Day – Another point that must be considered when looking at removal costs is the day of your move. Depending on the volume is can be cheaper to move during the week than on a Friday or the weekend. This is due to the majority of people wanting to move outwith working hours. So if you want the best prices, be sure to ask for a Monday-Thursday (assuming keys are available) cost when getting your removal quote.

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