Top 5 Moving Day Hacks

Make Moving Easier with our
Top 5 Moving Day Hacks!

As many people will tell you, moving home is one of the most stressful times in your life. Trying to box up every little treasure from the past and move it to somewhere new is a challenging and daunting task. That’s why we’ve come up with our Top 5 Moving Day Hacks to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible, and everything goes smoothly!

Moving Day Hacks
#1 - Tape Drawers

Our first Moving Day Hack is perhaps one that’s not quite so obvious unless you move house on a regular basis! Not only should you tape any drawers shut on all your furniture; ensuring the drawer won’t fall out when moving the unit, but you should also remove the handles! Unscrew the handles and switch it over so it’s on the inside of the drawer. This way you’ll not catch the handles on any walls or  furniture along your travels. With the handles still being screwed in, you’re also not having to worry about transporting or losing an extra bag of handles or screws either!

Moving Day Hacks #2 - Take Photos!

Nobody likes figuring out which cables go where in the back of a TV or a computer. So why not make it easier on yourself and take a picture of the back of your computer or TV before you unplug everything! That way you’ll have a good reference picture of where every cable should go, or where it should be plugged into. A perfect example of Home Moving Hacks that cost you nothing but an extra 30 seconds of time!


Moving Day Hacks #3 - Pack Smart

When we’re performing a full house pack and move, we always ensure that heavier items like books, are kept in smaller boxes to ensure our removal men can lift and move the boxes safely and securely.

However, there’s another hack we don’t tell you about! Instead of paying for boxes to pack those books in, use your wheeled suitcases instead! Filling these with books and being able to wheel rather than lift them across the floor makes life a lot easier!


Moving Day Hacks
#4 - Pack Vertically

It makes sense that when you’re stacking your dishwasher, you stack plates vertically to avoid any damages, and to ensure the plates get cleaned front and back.

We use this same technique as part of our Moving Day Hacks! We never stack plates on top of one another, as the bottom plate takes the weight of all the plates above. By vertically stacking the plates, they will only every have to take their own weight, thus reducing load and the chances of damages occurring.

Moving Day Hacks
#5 - Moving Day Essentials Box

There’s nothing worse for a removal man than finishing a big removal, and to not be offered a cup of tea or coffee as the family had packed the kettle and tea bags!

Avoid this rookie mistake by packing yourself a Moving Day Essentials Box! Not only should this contain essentials like, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tea, coffee, toilet roll etc, it should also include a basic first aid kit too! Think about exactly what you need during your average day and try to condense it into one box you can keep on hand during move day! That’s just one of our moving day hacks that keeps the movers on your side. Just don’t forget the milk!


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