Choosing the Best Removal Company

Choosing the Best Removal Company for your Move

When you’re moving home, it’s essential you get the best removal company for the job. So how do you you go about ensuring you’ve picked the best removal company? Read on to discover what makes a good removal company, and why choosing the cheapest quote might be the biggest mistake of your life!

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As with any company you’re looking to use, you want to know they’re not a fly-by-night business that ultimately has no history or loyal customer base. If a business is successful then they’ll have been in business for more than 10 years. At Purdie Worldwide, we’ve been moving homes since 1960! That’s over 60 years of Moving History to pull experience from and use. If we’re talking in general terms, the more experience a mover has, then the less problems you’re going to encounter on moving day! So with over half a century of moving, Purdie Worldwide is one of the best removal companies in Edinburgh.

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Some of the best removal companies in Scotland and the UK have stories that make for some great reading. However, without certain standards to uphold and maintain, what makes a mover any different to the traditionally cheaper man with a van? Standards, that’s what makes the difference.

The common theme amongst all of the best removal companies in Scotland are that they are all accredited by the British Association of Removers. This means they all must adhere to the Movers Code of Conduct amongst several other requirements. You can read all about our removal standards, and discover all the quality standards we uphold and adhere too.

We’re not only holders of multiple BAR accredited standards, but here at Purdie Worldwide we hold 10 Quality Service Standards that are annually checked and tested to ensure we’re matching the standards set by the governing bodies of our industry. There are very few removal companies in the world that have 10 or more Quality Standards, so if your mover has these in abundance, then you know your prized possessions will be in safe hands.

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As with any good removal company, it’s the staff that truly make it a success. You can have all the best trucks in the world, adhering to every standard, but unless you have dedicated staff to look after your customers, then you can forget being one of the best removal companies in Scotland, or even the World.

With proper training (courtesy of the BAR), every member of the removal team should be trained to move and pack almost anything! What makes our staff at Purdie Worldwide different to anywhere else, is the fact that all of our staff live within 5 miles of Purdie Worldwide HQ. This not only promotes team spirit amongst our removal crews, but also reduces the chances of people missing work or being late.

When looking for the best removal company, ensure that they train their staff and they promote self-development, with clear career progression. At Purdie Worldwide all new starts go through a rigorous week long training course before they are let out on an actual house move. Rumour has it they’re not allowed on a van until they’ve hit Level 99 in Tetris! 

We also take each crew off the vans for one afternoon every month. During this period we go over wrapping and packing to ensure everyone’s skills are kept sharp and up to date with the newest techniques. If the removal company you’re looking to use isn’t a member of a trade organisation, then they chances are they don’t train their staff. So when choosing the best removal company, look for a trade badge like the BAR or IAM for complete piece of mind when moving home.

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When looking to book the best removal company for your move, ensure that their fleet is capable of doing the job efficiently and on time. Recently, we’ve seen countless example of cheap home moves being offered by a man with van, who charges approximately £100 per load in their little 3.5t van. We’ve head horror stories of moves taking 3 days and over 20 trips at £100 a time, resulting in some expensive and disappointing removals!

A truly independent removal company should have a wide array of vehicles in their fleet. From 3.5t vans for smaller jobs where access is a problem, to 7.5t Class 2 trucks, all the way up to massive 18t+ road trains designed for international moves.

Making sure the correct truck is used for the job is essential in ensuring the customer doesn’t get overcharged, and that we’re not polluting the environment more than we have to by doing multiple runs. In fact, we have multiple vehicles that are equipped and kitted out to be used in London’s Congestion Zone, with multiple cameras and live tracking installed as standard.

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Everybody loves Good Feedback, but nobody likes hearing the Negative Feedback either. So take a look at your chosen removal company’s online reviews, and check out how they’ve responded to any negative reviews. If there are zero negative reviews, then you’ve got question the reviews themselves. Even monkeys fall out of trees, we all make mistakes, it’s about how we rectify those mistakes that shows our true colours. The same can be said be carefully examining the reviews of potential movers.

By far the most popular review platform is TrustPilot, closely followed by Google Reviews. However Google Reviews aren’t inspected in the same way TrustPilot reviews are, and can be easily bought and changed. If you’re looking at a lot of 5 stars reviews in a short period of time, from users with only 1 or 2 reviews to their name, then the chance are those reviews have been bought.

Due to the nature of these review sites, we chose TrustPilot as it uses IP fraud detection to ensure all reviews you see on the platform are legitimate, and also allows us to send direct review links to our customers through our CMS.

However, don’t believe everything you read on the internet! Get out there and chat to a few of your friends that have recently moved and find out what they thought of their movers. Here at Purdie Worldwide, more than 50% of our business is from repeat customers, or from customers who had been recommended to us by family or friends. Proof that Word of Mouth is still one of the best forms of marketing you can get!

If the staff are happy, then you should be happy!


Check to see if the mover you’re considering is active in their local community. Have a look on their Facebook or Instagram page and see how their promoting themselves and their local community. It’s a great indication of a well respected company if they are positively active in their local area and with the community in general.

Being part of the local community has always been at the heart of everything we do here at Purdie Worldwide. We’re proud sponsors of the local football team, and even paid to have the stadium renamed the Purdie Worldwide Community Stadium.

We’re also proud supporters of Macmillan Cancer Support, where we donate £5 for every £5 donated by a customer moving home, not forgetting the Quiz Nights and Coffee Mornings too!

We’re also passionate about conservation, and as Patrons of Edinburgh Zoo, we regularly contribute and actively take part in some of the projects offered to ourselves. Just take a look at some of our work with Edinburgh Zoo and their Giraffe About Town project!

Our MD Neil Purdie finding a rhino at Edinburgh Zoo

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