How to get the Best Quotes for Moving Home

When looking to move home, it’s always best to get multiple quotes for moving home. However, when getting quotes for moving home, the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily always the best quote, and can sometimes work out to be the most costly in the long run! So read our Moving Home guide below on how to get the Best Quotes for Moving Home and get moving with Purdie Worldwide.


Local Movers? - Best Quotes for Moving Home

You’re looking to move home and you’ve typed “Quotes for Moving Home” into Google. You look at the results, and choose the top 3 suggestions from Google, as they are the closest removal companies to your current location.

If you’re moving locally, or within 50 miles, then yes your closest remover will no doubt have a competitive price for you. However, if you’re moving further afield, you may want to look for a Moving Quote from a moving company closer to your destination. For example, if you’re moving from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, then look for movers in both the Edinburgh and Aberdeen areas. Choosing a mover from Glasgow or England isn’t going to provide you with a cheaper quote, but using a mover that’s close to your current or new home, is always a good idea to keep the costs down.

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Removal Standards - Quotes for Moving Home

You’ve filled out several removal quotation forms from varying removal companies, and you’ve recieved a few quotes to have a look at;

The cheapest quote comes from the local van and man. He’s been doing a roaring trade since lockdown, and proudly shows off the varying small house moves and dump runs on his Facebook and Instagram pages. Although he seems reliable, he doesn’t seem to use any form of protection when packing the goods on his truck, nor does he appear to be a member of any official group or governing body such as the BAR.

Your second quote is bit higher than the first one, but they’re going to do 1 trip in their big van, compared to the 4 trips the local van man is proposing. Not only this, but the removal company is also a member of the BAR, and have been for over 20 years. This sort of commitment to an industry leading body is testament to the high standards of care and dedication found in all BAR members. Another bonus is that this removal company uses carpet protector and blankets as standard on every job!

Always be sure to check out your chosen removal company’s feedback on the likes of Google and TrustPilot. If they’ve little to no feedback, then count them out. Only use a removal company with a high majority of positive reviews. If there are any negative reviews, (and trust me, there always is!) then check to see if the company has replied and offered any feedback or solutions to the problem. A company that isn’t afraid to respond to criticism, and has an open dialogue with their customers, is one that you can trust to move your goods safely and securely.


Volume, Volume, Volume.

Once a removal company has all your main details, such as your home and destination addresses, they should be asking you for a volume of the goods to be moved. This is a very important figure, as it will determine not only the overall cost of the move, but the size of the vehicle and how many men will be required.

In order to get this volume (in m³ or ft³) you need to provide your mover with a complete list of items you want moved. Their trained surveyors will be able to calculate the volume from your list and base their price on this and the other information they have available.

If you don’t have a definitive list, or it will take too long, you can arrange to have a home survey take place instead. Here at Purdie Worldwide, our Home Surveys are completely free and come in 2 flavours. You can book an in person survey, where a BAR trained and approved surveyor visits your home in person to assess the volume themselves. Or you can have a Virtual Survey over a Zoom or WhatsApp call. You guide our surveyor through your home, showing them inside every cupboard and pointing out exactly what needs to be moved.

An in-person or virtual survey is also a great way to allow any potential removal companies the chance to ask any questions and take a look at the access at the property. The volume might suggest using a large 18t truck, but after seeing the access from a survey, you’d need to use several 3.5t vans as the access prohibits anything larger than a 7.5t truck.

Alternatively, if you’re reading this outside of working hours, you can always download our Official Moving App. Using the app you can record a video, send us a list, or send us pictures of what you’d like moved and we’ll do the rest for you! This means you don’t have to wait till office hours to book an appointment, or get one that suits you, you can download and film whenever you get the chance!


Cost Isn't Everything when Moving Home

Can you really put a price on all your worldly belongings? Of course not, they literally mean the world to you! So why choose the lowest bidder to transport your goods to your new home? We’re not advising you pick the highest bid either, what we are suggesting is that you carefully weigh up exactly what you’re getting from your home removal quote against what you want from a home removal service.

Have you requested a packing service? Or even an unpacking service? Have they offered insurance? If so, what type of insurance? Indemnity or New for Old? If your removal company hasn’t even mentioned insurance, then walk away. In the highly unlikely event that something happens to the truck or your goods in transit, you need to make sure you’re covered!


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If you’re looking for the best quotes for moving home, then look no further than Purdie Worldwide. With over 60 years of moving experience, a modern fleet with highly trained staff, then fill out the form below to get one of your quote for moving home.

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