Top 10 Home Storage Tips

Check out our Top 10 Home Storage Tips

Is your home in complete disarray? Absolutely knackered after a long day at work? Cooked the dinner, sorted the kids and just can’t get the motivation to tidy up?

Without resorting to shouting, why not try our top 10 home storage tips? We’ll guide you through the process of turning your home from organised chaos, into a nice and tidy, clutter free home!

From simple drawer dividers, to making donation bags, explore our top 10 home storage tricks and tips and reduce the clutter in your home today!

Remember, if you’ve got way too much stuff, you can always rely on our storage solutions for long or short term storage.


Storage Tip #1

The Purge

No, not like The Purge movie, we mean a regular purge of all the things you no longer use! The best way to start a purge is to organise things into 3 separate piles; One for things you’re keeping, one for the bin, and the other for a charity shop or similar.

Aim to do one of these purges every month if you can, and if not do it every season. Be ruthless during your purge. If you’ve not used the item in the last 6 months, then the chances of you using it in the near future are pretty slim, so get rid of it!

The same goes for clothes, if it doesn’t fit or it’s went out of style, get rid of it. Or better yet, get some money for your old clothes by visiting a Cash for Clothes store. Making up to 40p per kilogram, you’ll earn a fair whack if you’ve got several bags of old clothes to get rid of! Bet you didn’t think the first of our home storage tips would earn you money!

Storage Tip #2

Storage Containers


Investing in good quality storage containers is a very practical and aesthetically pleasing home storage tip to implement. Not only will your drawers look much tidier, it’ll be easier to find things too!

By using small plastic or fabric based containers you can categorise items and give them their own small segment to fit in. It also makes things much easier to label if they have their own container. However, make sure you can stack your storage containers, it pays to make use of that vertical space!

At Purdie Worldwide we use these plastic storage containers from Amazon for all of our office storage. We also recommend them to all of our removal and storage customers who are looking for efficient ways to store smaller goods.

Storage Tip #3

Under Bed Storage


Falling in at #3 in our list of home storage tips is under bed storage. In our opinion, under bed storage is the most under utilised form of storage people forget to use!

Even if your bed doesn’t come with built-in storage underneath, you can easily purchase some shallow containers, then fill them and put them underneath your bed.

The main benefit of using under bed storage is that it’s completely hidden! So out of sight, out of mind. However, be sure to remember what you’ve packed! You may totally forget all about that under bed storage, so perhaps use it to store things like extra bedding or extra clothes.

Storage Tip #4

Tension Rods


Entering in at #4 in our list of home storage tips, Tension rods are a multi-purpose product that can help store and even dry items for you!

Originally designed to put up curtains in the absence of a traditional curtain pole, these telescopic rods can be adapted to a multitude of uses. From additional shelves to hanging racks, tension rods can be implemented across any room in the house.

Our favourite use of tension rods as a home storage tip would be to use them in a cupboard. Put several of them at different heights and utilise the vertical space to store all of your shoes! You can purchase varying lengths of tension rods online via Amazon.

Storage Tip #5

Cupboard Caddy


Cupboard caddies, or door caddies, are an excellent way of giving you more storage space by using the inside of a cupboard or door to hang goods from. The most common caddie you’ll already have in your home would most likely be your shower caddie!

A shoe organiser on the back of a door can be a great way to store shoes or smaller items like hats and gloves and allow easy access. Most smaller caddies are seen on the inside of kitchen cupboards, allowing you to neatly store cleaning products or other kitchen products whilst taking up zero extra space.

Storage Tip #6

Magazine Holder


Magazines holders are probably the most versatile common form of storage you’ll have lying about your house. With the increase in online media and the steady decline of print media, I’ll bet you’ll have some old magazine racks lying about the house!

So for number 6 on our list of home storage tips, we suggest you put these magazine racks to good use and use them to store other commonly used household items. Items like toilet rolls, cans or even as a cable tidy!

We’ve also seen them used to create extra shelves within a fridge or freezer, or even as storage for flip-flops. So don’t throw away those old magazine racks, put them to work as a new form of storage instead. Be sure to check out this blog article for 30 ways to re-use magazine racks around the home!

Storage Tip #7

Vertical Space

Vertical space inside homes is something that is often overlooked, and this is one of the home storage tips many people forget! Yes, you may wish to cover that white space with some pictures, but you’re better off using the space for tall bookcases, shelves or other vertical storage solutions.

If you look at our example picture, what was once a bare wall next to a window, has become a desk with 4 shelves for storage. Not only have you just created a lot more storage space, but it’s pretty attractive too!

Check out the tall bookcases and other vertical storage solutions in this blog, and get your home storage under control and expand vertically!

Storage Tip #8


Peg boards can not only be used in your garage to hang tools from, but you can also use a pegboard to organise and arrange things like pots and pans in your kitchen.

As many homeowners will attest to, pots and pans take up an abnormal amount of space in cupboards and are a nightmare to arrange. So by putting all your pots and pans onto a peg board, you’re not only freeing up valuable cupboard space, you’re also making your pots and pans much easier to reach!

Why not get some inspiration for your home from Ikea’s pegboards?

Storage Tip #9

Box It


The cardboard box. The staple diet of many a removal man. Designed for storing and moving goods from home to home, a properly labelled box is hard to beat as basic storage device, and folds in at #9 on our list of home storage tips.

At Purdie Worldwide, the 3 most popular boxes we use and sell are our small, medium and large boxes. For the majority of storage purposes, we’d always recommend the small box. It’s easier to carry, easier to stack, and even if you pack it full of heavy books, it’s not too heavy to lift.

If you’ve managed to pack a lot of boxes but haven’t got anywhere to store them, then why not try our Door-2-Store service? We deliver one of our 250ft³ wooden storage containers to your door. You fill it at your own pace, then we collect the container and put it into one of our warehouses for safe storage.

Storage Tip #10


If you’re really struggling for space and don’t want to throw anything out, then the last of our last home storage tips may be for you!

With access 6 days a week, open 9am till 5pm, our Self-Storage offers great value for money, allowing you to come and go as you please with no additional charges. We offer a range of self-store options, from 16ft² units to store a few boxes, all the way up to 300ft² units setup for business use. So regardless of how much storage you need, here at Purdie Worldwide we have a self-store unit to suit every need.

Check out our self-store guide, or why not book a self-store tour? It’s free and it gives you a chance to look at the self-store units before renting them out. We also offer a free 7-day reservation service!

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