The Future of Sustainable Logistics

Sustainable Logistics: How we're reducing our Carbon Footprint!​

It’s more important than ever to consider the impact that logistics operations have on the environment. Many companies, including ours, are taking steps towards reducing their carbon footprint, with the goal of achieving more sustainable logistics practices. Join us as we outline some of the steps we’re taking, and how we hope to be a carbon neutral company by 2030!


Sustainable Materials

Tiger attacks one of our moving boxes at Edinburgh Zoo

As a removal company we go through a LOT of boxes. Compared to the single ply boxes available on that rainforest website, our boxes are double walled and made from recycled cardboard. They’re also much stronger and designed to be used time and time again. We’ve even Tiger tested these boxes at Edinburgh Zoo, so you know they’re good! We’ve even had families who we moved almost 20 years ago, still using our high quality boxes to move their possessions into their new home.

All of the items over at our online shop have been specifically chosen for their ability to be re-used or recycled responsibly. For example we’ve now switched from plastic blister packs for our padlocks to cardboard packets instead! Even when it came to creating a new desk for our reception, the choice was made to use recycled wood to create a unique and totally sustainable front reception desk. Plans for a sustainable future, include making a table and chairs for reception from old an old crate and some pallets.

Sustainable Energy

Bank of Solar Panels on roof of Warehouse 4 at Purdie Worldwide

With energy prices literally going through the roof in 2023, we’ve had to seriously consider our energy usage throughout our yard. Although we do benefit from a vast solar array on top of one of our warehouses, we have plans to install more solar panels onto our new warehouse later in the year.

We’ve also taken steps to reduce our yard’s energy consumption by upgrading our old and power hungry halogen bulbs in the yard, to brighter and more energy efficient LED versions.

Although we were an early adopter of electric vehicles, adding an all electric Nissan van to our fleet back in 2014, we’ve yet to see a substantial improvement on the charging infrastructure to warrant more electric vehicles. Having said that, we tend not to keep our vehicles for more than 10 years, this ensures our fleet is modern, up to date, and can enter any emission control zone without penalty.

Another energy and cost saving avenue we’re also looking at is to remap the ECUs on some of the smaller vans for improved emissions. We’ve talked to Chris at DynaTune about this, and once we’ve cleared it with the insurance company, the Renault’s will be the first to be remapped. If the initial results are positive, then we’ll look to remapping more of the fleet for economy.

Sustainable Business

Purdie Worldwide move "Endangered Scotland" as part of the Giraffe About Town public art trail

In order for any business to succeed, you need to be sustainable. At Purdie Worldwide, we put sustainability high on our agenda. By adhering to 10 Quality Service Standards we not only exceed the current recommendations set by the BAR, but we are working towards further standards that will ensure business and logistics sustainability for the foreseeable future.

The benefits of sustainable logistics practices go beyond reducing the environmental impact of operations. They can also lead to cost savings through reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency in the supply chain.

Overall, the future of sustainable logistics is promising as more and more removal and logistics companies recognize the importance of reducing their environmental impact. By adopting innovative practices and investing in sustainable technologies, we can achieve our business goals while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

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