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Moving to Edinburgh?

Serving as Scotland’s capital since the 15th century, Edinburgh has become one of the world’s most popular places to relocate to. Steeped in history, you have Edinburgh Castle, Old town and countless monuments to discover, as you explore the ancient history and traditions of Edinburgh.

With a population of just over 500,000 people as of 2020, Edinburgh has grown to become a cultural focal point known around the world. From the annual Fringe Festival to days out at the museum, there is never a dull day in the city of Edinburgh.

Read on to find out exactly where the best places to live in Edinburgh are and why you should choose Scotland as your new home.


Why Move to Edinburgh?

Situated in Scotland’s Central Belt, you can find Edinburgh on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. The city expands out towards the Pentland hills in the South, Dunbar in the East, with Kirkliston marking the boundary in the West. Whilst early settlements formed around the prominent Castle Rock and Edinburgh Castle, the modern city is said to be built upon seven hills; Calton Hill, Corstorphine Hill, Craiglockhart Hill, Braid Hill, Blackford Hill, Arthur’s Seat and Castle Rock itself.

Literally oozing history from every street, Edinburgh has countless visitor attractions such as Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, the Royal Mile and the Scottish National Gallery to name but a few. In fact, Edinburgh is the second most visited city by foreign visitors in the UK after London.

Edinburgh Zoo is one of Edinburgh's most popular tourist destinations

In terms of location and transport, not only is Edinburgh perfectly situated for trips to the Scottish Highlands and beyond, it is also serviced by an International Airport to the East of the city, with Waverely serving as the ideal train station to commute in and out of the city. In 2014, Edinburgh also saw the re-introduction of trams to the city. The first trams to grace Princess Street since 1956! As of 2023, the current tram line links Edinburgh Airport in the East, and York Place in the West. Future plans are expected to extend the route down to Newhaven.

With these points in mind, and using our 60+ years of moving experience, we’ve compiled our top 5 list of places to move to in Edinburgh! So read on, and when you’ve decided that Moving to Edinburgh is the best choice, get a quote from us!

The Scottish National Gallery, just off Princes Street

Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

5. Leith

Granted to the City of Edinburgh back in 1329, Leith and it’s port have undergone a lot of recent regeneration. Gone are the old ports and shipyards, with the Edinburgh Waterfront transformed into new residential areas with shopping facilities in the form of Ocean Terminal, which is now home to the Royal Yacht Britannia

With regeneration completed in the early 2000, the docks gained the business of several cruise liner companies. As a result, you can now get a cruise from Leith to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and even the Netherlands.

Although not as close to the City Centre as other areas on our list, Leith is covered by an excellent bus service, allowing you to get to Edinburgh City Centre in less than 10 minutes. Leith is also home to Hibernian football club and Meadowbank Sports Centre, proud host to the 1986 Commonwealth Games.

If you’re looking at moving to Edinburgh, Leith is one of the cheapest places to live within the city, with an average house price of £279,059.

Purdie Moving Van next to the Royal Yacht Britannia at Leith Docks

Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

4. Morningside

Encompassing Merchiston and the surrounding area, Morningside sits to the south of Edinburgh’s city centre and is considered as one of the city’s most affluent areas. This is easy to understand when the average house price here sits at more than £500,000.

With a classic mix of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Morningside has a charming village atmosphere. Home to some of the most dedicated independent shops, boutiques and cafes, Morningside has a character all of it own. Boasting an array of excellent schools, parks and recreational facilities you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else like it.

So it you’re thinking about moving to Edinburgh from a small town or village, we can highly recommend moving to Morningside. Not only will you find the atmosphere similar to that of a small community, but you’ll have access by bus, to all of the major landmarks and attractions Edinburgh has to offer.


Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

3. Stockbridge

To the North of Edinburgh sits the desirable residential neighbourhood called Stockbridge. Known for it’s bohemian vibe and leafy streets, it has a strong community spirit, with a weekly farmer’s market, small independent shops and many trendy bars and restaurants that are considerably cheaper than those in the city centre.

If you like your walks, then Stockbridge might be the perfect place to live when moving to Edinburgh. Bordered with the Water of Leith, Stockbridge offers picturesque walking paths, making it and ideal location for nature lovers too.

Although the majority of the homes in Stockbridge were constructed over a century ago, there has been a lot of development over the years, with more modern homes and apartments being built by the likes of Cala homes.

Given the unique location of Stockbridge, and it’s relative proximity to the city centre, it’s no surprise that the average house price in 2023 according to RightMove is £504,476

Water of Leith Giraffe on display permanently for residents near Stockbridge
New Cala Housing Development in Stockbridge

Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

2. New Town

Located to the North of the Castle, New Town was created as a solution to the overcrowding problem that plagued the city back in 1766. A Georgian masterpeice with elegant townhouses, wide streets and stunning gardens, New Town has always been one of the top places to live when moving to Edinburgh.

View of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens

Known for it’s upscale shops and fashionable boutiques, the New Town also has a fair share of restaurants and cafes. Although not as close to the main attractions as the Old Town, New Town is still within walking distance of the city centre. By moving to the New Town you’ll also have direct access to the busiest shopping street in Scotland, Princes Street, as well as easy access to Princes Street Gardens.

As the architecture is of Georgian origin, you can bet the average house price in New Town won’t be cheap, and you’d be right. According to Rightmove, the average house price in Edinburgh New Town is a staggering £451,205.

However, with direct access to the Trams, buses and Trains out of Waverley station, access to any part of the city and beyond is within easy reach.

Living in the New Town also provides a more residential and refined atmosphere, offering a combination of old and modern architecture, with enough green spaces to ensure you’ll never feel overcrowded!

Get a Moving Quote from the experts here at Purdie Worldwide and move to Edinburgh New Town today!

View of Princess Street from the East End
Edinburgh Tram heading to Leith from the New Town

Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

1. Old Town

At the historic heart of Edinburgh is the Old Town. If you’re thinking of moving to Edinburgh, and you like your history, then Old Town is the place to be. With it’s central location, the Old Town give you easy access to all of the major landmarks and cultural attractions. With countless pubs and clubs, Old Town oozes a bright and vibrant atmosphere all year round.

With the Royal Mile running directly through the heart of Old Town, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to high end restaurants and culture. Every year in August, as Edinburgh plays host to the Fringe Festival, the Royal Mile is taken over by scores of street performers, offering a truly unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

To the south of the Castle lies the Grassmarket, one of the most popular and photographed locations in Edinburgh. With several uniquely style pubs whose roots date back hundreds of years, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with friends and experience true Scottish culture.

Moving to Edinburgh for the Fringe or the International Tattoo? Old town would suit you best, even if you’re only over for the festival months. Just watch out for the cobbles!

View of Edinburgh Castle & The Grassmarket

Although house prices in the Old Town are cheaper than the New Town, with an average house price of £322,861, the houses in Old Town are just that. Old. They may be built very well, and made from quality materials designed to last, but these houses were designed and built centuries ago. As such they’ve been built during a time when the average Scottish family only needed one bedroom. So many of the houses for sale in the Old Town are small 1 bedroom apartments, sometimes several stories up!

Regardless, if you like your history and often have that fear of missing out, then the Old Town of Edinburgh is the perfect place for you to move to. Get a Moving Quote from the experts here at Purdie Worldwide and get your move to Edinburgh off to the best possible start!

Purdie Worldwide Removal Truck moving Giraffe sculpture near Edinburgh Castle
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