The Home Removal Process

Purdie Worldwide's Guide to the Home Removal Process

The home removal process can be a very complicated affair. That’s why we’ve created our very own completely unique removal app to keep all communications and documents in one place for easy access and reference. In this article we’ll detail the home removal process from start to finish using our app!

Follow along and download our app for Android or for Apple.

1) Your Details

The first part of any home removal process should be to get all the relevant details. The majority of people fill out one of our home removal forms which captures all the relevant details we need to begin the quoting process. When you complete one of our forms you are automatically added to our system. You can then login to our app and view your details and any pending quotes. Upon loading the app, select the top option that says My Account and use the email address or telephone number you used when filling out the form to login.

If you’ve started with our app, then you’ve made a  good choice! Simply click removals, home moves and select Get a Moving Quote and fill out the form.

Access is key for the Home Removal Process

In order to provide you with the best moving quote we need as much detail about your move as possible. As well as your name, email address and phone number, we’ll also need to know the address of both the collection and delivery locations.

The access at both properties also needs to be assessed. Is there a driveway we can park in for easy access? Or do we have to park on the street, and if so, is there any parking restrictions in place?

We’ll also need to know the types of houses we’re moving to and from, and if it’s a flat what floor is it on, and is there a lift?

Lastly, we like to know if you have a specific moving date in mind. Costs for a Friday and Saturday are considerably higher, so you may wish to schedule your moving day outwith these days to get a better price.

2) Home Survey

Apart from the 2 addresses we need to move your goods to and from, the main cost defining aspect comes down to how much stuff you need moved!

For some people, a 2 bedroom house would take up 500ft², or 2 of our wooden storage containers. However, if you’re not keen on throwing anything out, and like to hang onto things longer than you should, then you can easily double that figure to 1000ft², or 4 storage containers.

As part of our home removal process we need to get an accurate volume of what needs to be moved. To get this figure (usually in ft³), we rely on one of four things:

  1. A List of the goods to be moved. Not the best method as things can be missed or forgotten.
  2. An in person Home Survey where one of our qualified surveyors comes to your home and you show them exactly what needs to be moved (this is free!).
  3. A Video Survey where you book an appointment with one of our surveyors at a time that suits you. Then using WhatsApp on you phone you can give a guided tour of your home to let our surveyor see exactly what needs to be moved.
  4. A DIY Survey using our custom removal app. Follow the onscreen instructions on the app to send us a video of the access and the goods you need moved, and we can reply with a cost.
Man doing a Home Removal Survey via mobile phone

3) Your Moving Quote

We aim to finalise and send out all moving quotes with 48 hours of a survey being completed. We send an email copy to the address we have on file and another copy is uploaded to your customer account. You can then access your quote from inside the app, (My Account, login, then check your inbox – see picture below), or directly from your emails. One point to remember is that you will also receive an email every time a document or message is sent to you from one of our staff.

In order to keep things in one place, we recommend using the app for all communications with our team. It will keep a log of every conversation and file sent back and forward between yourself and Purdie Worldwide, providing a quick and easy overview of everything you need as part of the home removal process.

Moving Quotation retrieval process from our Moving App

4) Booking your Move!

Once you’ve received and understood your moving quote(s), you need to get your move booked in!

As is standard practice for all BAR members, we accept payment upon booking. Don’t worry, this is typical of a good mover, and if they’re members of the BAR you’ll be covered by the Advanced Payment Guarantee scheme. This means that if for whatever reason your chosen removal company can’t complete the move for you, then another BAR company will take over to ensure the job is completed and it won’t cost you any extra!

Once you’ve paid for your move, you’ll need to sign a copy of the removal contract. Although we can send these out to you in paper form to be completed and sent back, we like to send digital copies of the contracts for you to complete and sign.

If you’ve taken insurance, this will be detailed on your quotation(s), however you must declare a valuation of your goods if you have chosen to take the insurance.

You will also be sent a copy of our terms and conditions as well as a leaflet detailing the benefits of using a BAR member to move home.

From this point, you should receive a text a day before your move starts. You’ll be given the truck registration number and the names of the men who will be performing your move!

Sound good? Get Moving today by calling our team, filling out a form, or downloading our app today!

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