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Vision Scotland Case Study

It’s not just couches and boxes we move here at Purdie Worldwide, we’re also specialist movers with the experience to move any and all heavy equipment. When we were asked to assist Vision Scotland with the removal and transportation of two very large retina testing machines, we were more than happy to lend our heavy equipment moving services!

Window Removal

It was an early start for our crew up in Aberdeen as they met with crane contractor W&W Mackie, who would be assisting us for the day.

The aim was to successfully remove 2 large eye-testing machines from the 1st floor of an old cosmetics surgery in the middle of Aberdeen. Then transport them to a location of Vision Scotland’s choosing. However, after several renovations within the property, it was no longer feasible to move the machines out of the room, let alone down the stairs. This left us with the only option of removing the window and window frame, and lifting the machines straight out the window with the help of a crane.

After closer inspection the windows were set in a non-standard window frame that had to be removed outwards, and not inwards as was originally described to us.

Gently Does It!

Fortunately we had Peter from Purdie Property Maintenance on hand to remove the facings and rig up the crane to remove the window frame from outside. With our own in-house joiner as part of our heavy equipment movers team, it allows us to tackle even the most complex of moves.

Whilst Peter was removing the window frame, Neil and Robert got together and wrapped both of the machines in furnisoft: a type of bubble-wrap with a plastic backing that we use on all of our export jobs. This gives the item an extra layer of protection and protects against any potential bumps or scrapes when being transported.

View from inside the old Kirkwood Fyfe property

Once the windows were removed it was plain sailing, with Neil and Robert guiding the machines carefully out the window onto the the ground below using guy lines.

Peter then swung his van around and parked in front of the crane trucks to allow the safe unloading of a machine straight into the back of his van. This process was repeated with a second van, before the machines were strapped down and sent off on a journey to their new home!

So if you’re in the need of some heavy equipment movers, you can rely on Purdie Worldwide. Get started by filling out the form below, or give us a call to discuss your requirements!

Loading a machine into the Purdie Property Maintenance Van

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