Van Fix

Servicing Our Fleet

Servicing our Fleet. At Purdie Worldwide we like to keep most operations in-house. This way we’re not relying on any sub-contractors or other companies. It’s just our staff and time we rely on. That’s why we have our own Workshop and 2 mechanics to make sure our entire fleet is kept up in tip top condition. Ready to go no matter the weather!

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Our New Leaflets have arrived!

Having exhausted our current supply of leaflets, dishing out over 2000 leaflets in less than a year, helping over 1000 clients move to new homes, we set about designing our new leaflet for 2018. After several revision Our New Leaflets have arrived!

You may have noticed our new branded social media sites and our swanky business cards. With the positive feedback from these new designs we decided to use this style going forward with our new leaflets for 2018.

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