5 Strange Items Banned Around the World

If you’re moving abroad there are many things to think about and consider. From a new language to learn or a different currency, there are some things that you wouldn’t expect to have to worry about when moving or shipping goods abroad. There are a number of banned items you can’t take abroad with you.

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Accept No Imitations

It’s come to our attention that someone near Stranraer posing as a Man with a Van has been using the pictures of our vans from our website to advertise their services.

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How to Pack Effectively

Although at Purdie Worldwide we offer a very reasonable packing service where our highly trained staff wrap and pack all your goods so you don’t have to, some clients prefer to pack themselves. Although this makes the job cheaper for the client, sometimes it can be an absolute nightmare for the removers if the boxes aren’t packed correctly and effectively.

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Top European Relocation Destinations

With the after effects of Brexit still hanging over us, we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries regarding relocating to the continent. Not just from members of the public but also commercial groups looking for relocation information. So take a look below as we list our top 5 European Relocation Destinations.

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Our New Leaflets have arrived!

Having exhausted our current supply of leaflets, dishing out over 2000 leaflets in less than a year, helping over 1000 clients move to new homes, we set about designing our new leaflet for 2018. After several revision Our New Leaflets have arrived!

You may have noticed our new branded social media sites and our swanky business cards. With the positive feedback from these new designs we decided to use this style going forward with our new leaflets for 2018.

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