Why use a currency broker for an international money transfer?

We always want to help our clients make the most of their money, which is why we’ve partnered with currency specialists Global Reach. Whether you’re planning to emigrate abroad, work overseas temporarily, or want to buy a holiday home, Global Reach can help you make quick and secure money transfers all over the world.


But why should you consider using a currency broker to make your overseas payments? Global Reach focuses solely on foreign exchange, meaning you’ll have access to a team of Dealers who send money abroad for their clients every day. They watch the markets and can guide you through the money transfer process.

Global Reach offers competitive exchange rates and can lock in a rate for up to two years if you want to make a large transfer for buying a property abroad. You’ll also be kept up to date with the latest market news and rate alerts.

You can also make regular payments with a currency broker; pensions, salaries, mortgage payments, and other expenses can be transferred with great exchange rates too. Global Reach even offers a Best Exchange Rate Guarantee*. You can call your Dealer to discuss your requirement or use the smart online platform.

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We can lock-in an exchange rate

for you for up to two years.

Perfect for overseas property purchases.


Benefit from excellent rates of

exchange with the backing of our

Best Exchange Rate Guarantee.


Your money is in safe hands

All monies are kept in segregated

accounts for your protection.