Secure Digital Data Destruction

With GDPR regulations now in force and companies being fined for improper data use and storage, it made sense to continue the success of our Shredding Division, and evolve into securely destroying digital data as well. Whether it be an office full of PC's that need to be wiped before being disposed or recycled, or a simple home PC that you want wiped before getting rid of it, we can help! Things like Corporate financials, Client data, Personally identifiable information (PII) and Credit card information have to be erased when disposing of paper work, hard drives, usb sticks or computers. If not you can be found in breach of Data Protection laws and face serious consequences. Even from a home user's perspective, with identity theft on the rise, you literally can't afford to have things like credit card details fall into the hands of a criminal. Get protected today and choose Purdie Worldwide to securely destroy your digital data.

Hard Drives


Hard Drives Wiped for only £9!

USB Sticks


Wipe a USB Stick for only £5!



Wipe & Recycle a PC for £9.99!

Hard Drives

From old IDE hard drives to Sata hard drives, here at Purdie Worldwide we have the skills and technology required in order to securely erase your digital footprint from a hard drive. Using specialist hardware and software, all hard drives are wiped of their directory structure, and then wiped by writing 1's and 0's into every sector. Every Hard Drive is wiped using the British HMG IS5 Baseline method along with a single verification pass. For every drive we wipe we issue a unique destruction certificate that details all the relevant hardware identifiers and the date and time the drive was destroyed. In fact all destruction and shredding services are certified to ISO 27001: 2005 (The International Information Security Standard), ISO 9001 (The Quality Standard) and ISO 14001 (The Environmental Standard). So securely erase your data today with Purdie Worldwide and fill out the form below.

USB Sticks

USB drives are similar to hard drives, instead of the traditional spinning disk platter, usb sticks use Flash memory to store data. Regardless if the sticks are USB 1, 2.0 or 3.0 rated we can wipe them all and in considerable less time than it takes to securely wipe a traditional hard disk. You can either send us in your drives for wiping, we can collect them, or you can drop them off at the HQ for a 24hour service!

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Computer Recycling

Not even sure what a hard drive is, let alone remove it from your pc? We can help! Not only can we remove your hard drive and securely wipe any data from it, we can recycle your old PC to save it clogging up a land fill! We either re-use some parts or split it down into it's component metals and then take it for recycling. Not only can you send us your pc, but we can collect your pc or you can drop it off at our HQ in Blackburn. Fill out the form below to get started!