Door-2-Store | The Easiest Way to Store

With Door-2-Store we deliver a mobile storage unit direct to your door.

One of our 250ft³ wooden containers is loaded into one of our specially adapted trailer units that it then towed to your home or office location.

Once there the trailer is opened along with the storage container and you have as long as you like to fill the container at your own pace.

When you’ve finished packing the container, you simply give us a call and we’ll come and collect. Then put it into storage or drop off another storage container if you require more than one.


We Deliver

We Deliver the storage container direct to your door making it easier than ever to load goods into.


You Pack

You pack the storage container youself. With 250ft³ of storage space inside each unit you can get 1 or 2 rooms in each container.


We Store

We come back once you've finished packing the storage container and either take it away for storage, or drop another one off to be packed.