Craig Hannah

Craig Hannah

Job Title:  No.1 Driver

Service: 8 years

Speciality: Holding the team together

Tea or Coffee: Tea (milk last)

Favourite Food: Mixed Grill

Hero: Paul Gascoigne

Best Experience: Driving the big truck to France for the first time.

Worst Experience: Unhygienic jobs

Riki Steenson

Riki Steenson

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 10 Years

Speciality: Driving big trucks and moving pianos

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hero: Shug Harkins

Best Experience: Meeting Kevin Bridges, Working in France for a week

Worst Experience: Working in London and high rise flats


Iain Milne

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 5 Years

Speciality: Bed dismantling

Tea or Coffee: Coffee, milk last

Favourite Food: Pizza

Hero: Easy-E

Best Experience: Tip from a customer called Mr Rich

Worst Experience: Driving SG10


Darrin Fell

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 18 years

Speciality: Driving/Packing

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: A-Team

Best Experience: £80 tip for 30 mins work!

Worst Experience: Smelly jobs

Shug Harkins

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 22 Years

Speciality: Sofas

Tea or Coffee: Yes

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Going Abroad

Worst Experience: Driving on two wheels

Shug Mclean

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 5 Years

Speciality: Multitasker

Tea or Coffee: None

Favourite Team: The Famous Glasgow Rangers

Best Experience: Still to achieve

Worst Experience: Non surveyed jobs


Stevie Stewart

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 6 Years

Speciality: Driving, Leadership & Experience

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: Rangers

Best Experience: Working with Neil

Worst Experience: Working with Neil