who moved you?


These are our Class 1 and Class 2 drivers that pilot the larger of our removal trucks.

moving you in more ways than one

Driver Staff

Drivers, Handling with Care Since 1960.

At Purdie Worldwide we ensure that all of our drivers are trained to International Removal Standards and undergo training on a weekly basis. Ensuring our employees are taken care of, ensures they take care of you. All of our staff and employees live locally and are all a part of their local community. This not only promotes our community spirit, but also allows to ensure 100% job completion.


Title: No. 1 Driver

Service: 8 Years

Specialty: Holding the team together

Tea or Coffee: Tea (milk last)

Favorite Food: Mixed Grill

Hero: Paul Gascoigne

Best Experience: Driving the big truck to France for the first time.

Worst Experience: Unhygienic Jobs

Title: Driver

Service: 10 Years

Specialty: Driving big trucks and moving pianos

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hero: Shug Harkins

Best Experience: Meeting Kevin Bridges

Worst Experience: Working in London and high-rise flights

Title: Driver

Service: 5 Years

Specialty: Dismantling beds

Tea or Coffee: Coffee, milk last

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hero: Easy-E

Best Experience: Tip from a customer called Mr Rich

Worst Experience: Driving SG10


Title: Driver

Service: 18 years

Specialty: Driving/Packing

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: The A-Team

Best Experience: £80 tip for 3 minutes of work!

Worst Experience: Smelly Jobs


Title: Driver

Service: 20+ years

Specialty: Driving/Packing

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Working with my son

Worst Experience: Working with my son


Title: Driver

Service: 22 years

Specialty: Sofas

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favorite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Going Abroad

Worst Experience: Driving on 2 wheels


Title: Driver

Service: 6 years

Specialty: Multi-Tasker

Tea or Coffee: None

Favorite Team: Glasgow Rangers

Best Experience: Still to acheive

Worst Experience: Non-Surveyed Jobs


Title: Driver

Service: 2 years

Specialty: Leadership

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Working with Neil

Worst Experience: Working with Neil

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