Stevie Andrew

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 14 Years

Speciality: Everything

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: The next generation of Purdie taking the reigns

Worst Experience: Filling out this form

Craig Hannah

Job Title:  Top Driver #1

Service: 3 Years

Speciality: Apple pies

Tea or Coffee: Aww definitely Tea

Favourite Team: Team Purdie of course, oh and Glasgow Rangers

Best Experience: Learning to drive the trucks thanks to Neil Purdie and all the team at Purdie Worldwide and taking full responsibility for all my own jobs

Worst Experience: Having to go home at 16:30…awful feeling

Shug Harkins

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 19 Years

Speciality: Sofas

Tea or Coffee: Yes

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Going Abroad

Worst Experience: Driving on two wheels

Kris Hood

Kris Hood

Job Title:  Driver/Porter

Service: 3 Years

Speciality: Washing machines

Tea or Coffee: Coffee/Buckfast

Favourite Team: Force India (F1)

Best Experience: Trip to France

Worst Experience: Bad times? Have you seen my smile?

Shug Mclean

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 2 Years

Speciality: Multitasker

Tea or Coffee: None

Favourite Team: The Famous Glasgow Rangers

Best Experience: Still to achieve

Worst Experience: Non surveyed jobs

Iain Milne

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 2 Years

Speciality: Hospital Beds

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favourite Team: Aberdeen

Best Experience: Homemade pizza from a customer

Worst Experience: Overexcited Dogs


Alan Robertson

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 25 Years

Speciality: Warehouse

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: Rangers

Best Experience: Going abroad

Worst Experience: Working in bad weather

Riki Steenson

Job Title:  Driver

Service: 6 Years

Speciality: Driving, Pianos, Very Friendly, Keeping customer calm/happy during move.

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: Rangers

Best Experience: Meeting Kevin Bridges, Working in France for a week

Worst Experience: Boxes of books, flats, driving in London

Stevie Stewart

Job Title:  Drivers Extraordinaire

Service: Too long

Speciality: Driving Home

Tea or Coffee: Tea + coffee-milk+2

Favourite Team: The A Team

Best Experience: Thankful customers

Worst Experience: —