Do you sell packing materials?

We do indeed sell packing materials! Infact our packing materials are far superior to those cheap boxes and tape you can buy on a certain well known auction site. All of our boxes are corrugated and double walled. If you tape them correctly they should be able to up to 50kg a box!

We not only sell Boxes and Tapes, we also sell various covers and protectors for your furniture, not to mentioned padlocks, knifes and tape dispensers.

To view our entire range of Packing Materials head over to our shop.

Are you open weekends?

We are open every Saturday from 9am till 4pm. The main office is shut on Sundays but we still operate for prebooked appointments and collections at the depot along with any pre-arranged House Removals.

Do I have to disconnect my appliances?

Unfortunately as Removal Men we do not have sufficient training or licences to disconnect appliances.

This includes dishwashers, washing machines, light fittings and any gas appliances such as ovens or cookers.

If you want to ask a specifc question don’t hesitate to contact us.