Welcome to the History of Purdie Worldwide. My Grandfather started Matt Purdie & Sons back in 1960 originally as a Coal Merchant. He supplied the local towns with fuel for their fires with his modest coal truck.

Ever the gentleman, Matt was kind enough to start ferrying furniture on the back of his coal lorry, for those looking to move house or small goods.

Buying his first Removal Truck in the early 60s, the removal business grew bigger and bigger. Matt Purdie and Sons evolved through a further 2 generations. In 2010 they grew to become BAR Mover of the Year in 2010.

In 2015, as the company developed into a leading Global Logistics Specialist. With regular trips across the continent and further afield. The name was changed in 2015 to Purdie Worldwide to reflect the Dynamic World we now live in.

Although the company changed name given a family buyout in 2015. The local area and community remains a big focus for the business. We help the local community with Gala Days and sponsoring local sports teams and even the Purdie Worldwide Stadium! Regardless of how big we grow, Purdie Worldwide will never forget the local area to which it owes its success.

If you'd like to read more then check out our 60 Year Anniversary Blog Article written by Archie Purdie himself.