Why Macmillan?

At Purdie Worldwide we’re very proud to be a corporate sponsor of Macmillan Cancer Support. Out of all the charities we looked at supporting we felt that Macmillan offered the best support to our local area. Not only this, but many of us here at Purdie Worldwide have had personal experience of the Macmillan Support services when we needed them most.

Throughout the year we’ll be participating in several Macmillan Charity events in order to raise money and awareness for Cancer Support. However, did you know you can help Macmillan by donating a small amount when moving house with us? We’ve added a small section to our acceptance forms asking for a small donation of £2.50. If ticked and accepted, Purdie Worldwide will match that £2.50! As a result we’re hoping to raise £5 for every move we do for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Read all about Macmillan Cancer Support below and see how they’re reshaping Cancer Support for the better. Or donate to the cause through our JustGiving page here.


Our Macmillan Calender of Events

The Macmillan Story

We help thousands of people with the physical, financial and emotional impact of cancer. We want everyone to have the support they need with whatever cancer throws their way. Macmillan is almost entirely funded by donations. We simply cannot support the growing number of people who need us without your help.

Here’s how cancer affects people in your area, what Macmillan is doing to help and how you can support us to do more.


Just one way we help in your area

Cancer impacts on life in so many ways. It’s not just the diagnosis and treatment, cancer can affect so much more. People with cancer often have lots of questions but don’t know about support available to them. Getting the right information whenever and wherever you need it can make all the difference.

As part of a three year partnership with Edinburgh and West Lothian council’s Libraries and Information Service we are; investing over £555,000 to fund Edinburgh Libraries and £700,000 in the West Lothian Libraries Service. Staffed by trained volunteers these services will give people cancer information specific to their worries and questions and being based in libraries makes them easy for the community to access. They can also direct people to other local support services and provide Macmillan leaflets and information booklets.

This service will be available in six libraries in Edinburgh, four in West Lothian and via other community projects; creating more places for people living with cancer to get information and support that’s personal to their needs from the moment they are diagnosed.


How you can Support Us

Volunteer – Visit volunteering.macmillan.org.uk to find out what is needed in your area

Campaign – Our campaigns fight for real change for people affected by cancer. Find out how to get involved at https://macmillan.org.uk/campaigns

Donate – Help us support morepeople living with cancer, and their families, by donating at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/purdieworldwide