Neil Purdie

Job Title: Director

Service: 17 Years

Speciality: Calm Under Pressure

Tea or Coffee: Coffee in the morning, then Tea all day

Favourite Team: Hearts

Best Experience: Seeing families happy after the moving experience takes place. Too many to single out.

Worst Experience: None – Take everyday as it comes and deal with whatever happens as professionally as possible.

Archie Purdie

Job Title: Director

Service: Many- 50 Years

Speciality: Transport/Warehouse

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favourite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Starts once upon a time (some can’t be told) No 2 days the same and challenges ahead

Worst Experience: Living the dream, all good

Robert Cooper

Job Title: General Manager

Service: 3 Years

Speciality: Customer care, Eye for detail, (Small light items/boxes)

Tea or Coffee: Irn Bru or Fanta

Favourite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Riverside Kids – huge 2 week job – all the men together helping, laughing & working hard

Worst Experience: When a customer phones the night before a move to cancel as the sale of their house has fallen through

Stephen Compton

Job Title: Surveyor

Service: 2.5 Years

Speciality: Overseas Moves

Tea or Coffee: Strong Black Coffee

Favourite Team: Ulster Rugby

Best Experience: Winning a job knowing I was up against other removal companies

Worst Experience: Doing a removal in the rain

Mark Scoular

Job Title: Marketing Dude

Service: 1 Year

Speciality: Pictures

Tea or Coffee: Neither

Favourite Team: Torquay United

Best Experience: Different Challenge every day

Worst Experience: Having to cover removal jobs during busy periods

Stacey Adie

Job Title: Accounts & Payroll Manager

Service: 14 Years

Speciality: Money

Tea or Coffee: Peppermint tea

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Working with my mum and colleagues

Worst Experience: Calling aged debtors to be advised they had paid

Liz Adie

Job Title: Removals & Storage Co-ordinator

Service: 12 Years

Speciality: Organised

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Customer feedback

Worst Experience: Less Understanding Clients

Sarah Lind

Job Title: Removals & Storage Assistant

Service: 2 Years

Speciality: Adaptability & Multitasking whilst delivering good customer service & coping under pressure

Tea or Coffee: Coffee (Especially when the boss treats you to a Costa)

Favourite Team: Manchester United & The Oakland Raiders

Best Experience: A Bacon roll and a coffee when you are working the Saturday Shift

Worst Experience: Coming in to a pile of paperwork on a Monday and getting the Monday blues!!

Kirsty Brown

Job Title: Receptionist

Service: 3 Years

Speciality: Customer Service/Multitasking

Tea or Coffee: Costa Latte

Favourite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Putting up the Christmas tree

Worst Experience: Taking down the Christmas tree


Linda Gallagher

Job Title: Receptionist

Service: 6 months

Speciality: Multitasking

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Nice customer service

Worst Experience: None yet!