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Operational Staff

From answering your calls to fixing the trucks, there’s a lot more that goes on in the background than you might think.

moving you in more ways than one

Our Operational Staff

Handling with Care Since 1960.

At Purdie Worldwide we ensure that all of our staff are trained to International Removal Standards and undergo training on a weekly basis. Ensuring our employees are taken care of, ensures they take care of you. All of our staff and employees live locally and are all a part of their local community. This not only promotes our community spirit, but also allows to ensure 100% job completion.

neil-purdie-director-operational staff

Title: Managing Director

Service: 20 years+

Specialty: Calm under pressure

Tea or Coffee: Coffee to start then tea

Favorite Team: Hearts

Best Experience: Seeing families happy after the moving experience takes place. Too many to single out.

Worst Experience: None – Take everyday as it comes and deal with whatever happens as professionally as possible.

archie-operational staff

Title: Transport Manager

Service: 50 years+

Specialty: Forklift

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Starts once upon a time (some can’t be told) No 2 days are the same with challenges ahead!

Worst Experience: Living the dream, all good!

Title: General Manager

Service: 7 years

Specialty: Customer care

Tea or Coffee: Irn-Bru or Fanta

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Riverside Kids – huge 2 week job, all men together helping, laughing and working hard.

Worst Experience: When a customer phones the night before a move to cancel as the sale of their house has fallen through.

stacey-operational staff

Title: Accounts & Payroll Manager

Service: 18 years+

Specialty: Money

Tea or Coffee: Peppermint Tea

Favorite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Working with my mum and colleagues

Worst Experience: Calling aged debtors to be advised they had paid already.

mark-operational staff

Title: Marketing and Business Development Manager

Service: 4  years

Specialty: Taking pictures

Tea or Coffee: Neither

Favorite Team: Torquay United

Best Experience: Different challenge every day.

Worst Experience: Having to cover removal jobs during busy periods.

gemma-operational staff

Title: Overseas Manager

Experience: 10 years+

Specialty: International Moves and Networking

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favorite Team: Rangers

Best Experience: Joining the Purdie Team after 10 years in the industry

Worst Experience: None yet


Title: Audit & Resolutions Manager

Service: 6 years

Specialty: Customer Service

Tea or Coffee: Costa Latte

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Putting up the Christmas Tree

Worst Experience: Taking down the Christmas Tree


Title: Removals & Storage Assistant

Service: 2 years

Specialty: Multi-Tasking

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Nice customers

Worst Experience: Bad customers


Title: Operations Manager

Service: 6 years

Specialty: Adaptability and multitasking

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favorite Team: Manchester United

Best Experience: A bacon roll and a coffee when working weekends.

Worst Experience: Coming in to a pile of paperwork on a Monday and getting the Monday Blues!


Title: Chief Mechanic

Service: 2 months

Specialty: Fixing Things

Tea or Coffee:  Neither!

Favorite Food: Steak and Chips

Best Experience: Off-Road Mud Fest

Worst Experience: Working at Western Mercedes


Title: Removals Assistant

Service: 2 months

Specialty: Kindness

Tea or Coffee: Both

Favorite Food: Curry (Indian)

Hero: Mum

Best Experience: Lunch

Worst Experience: Letting down customers

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