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Regardless if it’s a standard upright or Priceless Grand Piano, we treat every piano as if it were our own.


Piano Moving Specialists

Handling with Care...Anywhere!

From a basic upright piano, to a large Grand piano. Purdie Worldwide have the experience to move any piano that needs to be moved. With over 60 years of Removal Experience we’ve moved hundreds, if not thousands of pianos. With fully trained staff you can put your faith in Purdie Worldwide to move, store or ship your piano to any location in the world.

Piano Moving with Purdie Worldwide

We never let a porter or driver out on Piano move until they’ve been fully trained for the relevant piano. They must also have had at least one piano move completed with someone else supervising.

Upright pianos such as the ones you see in schools and small Churches are the easiest pianos to move. They often don’t weigh as much as a grand or baby-grand piano and are usually on wheels themselves. So all they need is a padded cover and they can be wheeled straight into the back of almost any van.

Baby Grand or Grand Pianos are a bit more tricky. As usual they need to be wrapped with a padded piano cover but as these are so large they generally don’t fit through standard door frames. To get them moved we usually strap them to a Piano shoe (see video above). Put them on their side before placing the piano shoe onto a dedicated Piano skid (small 4 wheeled dolly). That then allows the Piano to be maneuvered out the property much easier.

Why Can You Trust Purdie Worldwide with your Piano Move?

We pride ourselves on being able to handle every aspect of your removal. Which is why we supply a broad range of high-quality packing materials that guarantee to keep your equipment safe. Using high quality padded covers as standard on every piano move, you can feel confident that we’ll keep all your piano safe and secure. If you’re looking for cost-effective and dependable piano transport, you needn’t look any further than Purdie Worldwide.


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