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The real men on the front line, who handle more boxes in a day than the average Amazon worker.

moving you in more ways than one

Porter Staff

Handling with Care Since 1960.

At Purdie Worldwide we ensure that all of our staff are trained to International Removal Standards and undergo training on a weekly basis. Ensuring our employees are taken care of, ensures they take care of you. All of our staff and employees live locally and are all a part of their local community. This not only promotes our community spirit, but also allows to ensure 100% job completion.


Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 11 Years

Specialty: Getting things down from high places

Tea or Coffee: Large Latte from Starbucks

Favorite Food: Chinese

Hero: Thierry Henry & his Grandad

Best Experience: Seeing different places and meeting friends for life.

Worst Experience: Abandonments

Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: Far too long

Specialty: Wrapping Ninja Jedi

Tea or Coffee: Coffee (can provide satchets!)

Favorite Food: Likes a wee sandwich

Hero: Paul McStay & his Grandad

Best Experience: Half 4 on a Friday with no key wait!

Worst Experience: First washing machine after lockdown

Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 9 Years

Specialty: Super Squishy Cuddles

Tea or Coffee: Juice (hates milk)

Favorite Food: Cheesey Burger

Hero: Randy Santel (professional eater)

Best Experience: Seeing different people and places every day.

Worst Experience: Seeing Geroge Reynolds topless


Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 4 months

Specialty: Heavy Lifting

Tea or Coffee: Coffee, milk last

Favorite Food: Chicken/Pasta/Pizza

Hero: His dad

Best Experience: Birth of Children

Worst Experience: Naked Paintball

Title: Porter

Service: 2 Years

Specialty: Comedian

Tea or Coffee: Buckfast

Favorite Food: Hoagie

Who is your Hero?: Queen Elizabeth II

Best Experience: Working abroad and moving footballers

Worst Experience: Working with my dad.


Title: Porter

Service: 20+ years

Specialty: Bowls

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favorite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Moving Stephen Hendry

Worst Experience: 13th floor flat in Dubai


Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 4 years

Specialty: Fixing things

Tea or Coffee: Coke

Favorite Team: Team Purdie

Best Experience: Everyday

Worst Experience: SG10


Title: Porter

Service: 30+ years

Specialty: Lifting things slowly

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favorite Team: Spain

Best Experience: Working with different people

Worst Experience: Working in high winds

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