Scott Baird

Scott Baird

Job Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 11 Years

Speciality: Getting things down from high places

Tea or Coffee: Large Latte from Starbucks

Favourite Food: Chinese

Hero: Thierry Henry & My Grandad

Best Experience: Seeing different places and meeting friends for life

Worst Experience: Abandonments

Stu Bell

Stewart Bell

Job Title: 3.t5 Driver & Porter

Service: Far too long

Speciality: Wrapping Ninja Jedi

Tea or Coffee: Coffee (will provide the sachets!)

Favourite Food: Likes a wee sandwich

Hero: Paul McStay & his Grandfather

Best Experience: Half past 4 on a Friday with no key wait!

Worst Experience: First machine after lockdown with Riki!

Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Job Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 9 Years

Speciality: Super Squishy Cuddles

Tea or Coffee: Juice (hate milk)

Favourite Food: Cheesey Burger

Hero: Randy Santel (professional eater)

Best Experience: Seeing different people and places every day

Worst Experience: Seeing George Reynolds topless

Brian Davis

Brian Davis

Job Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 2 months

Speciality: Heavy Lifting

Tea or Coffee: Coffee, milk last

Favourite Food: Chicken Pasta/Pizza

Hero: My dad

Best Experience: Birth of my children

Worst Experience: Naked Paintball


Adam Meek

Job Title: Porter

Service: 6 months

Speciality: Fixing things

Tea or Coffee: Coffee, milk last

Favourite Food: Pasta

Hero: Guy Martin

Best Experience: Getting a motorbike from a customer

Worst Experience: Dirty Jobs


Steph Kuczara

Job Title: Porter/ 3.5t Driver

Service:  2 months

Speciality: Getting into small spaces

Tea or Coffee: Tea, milk and two

Favourite Food: Mince and Pasta

Hero: My dad

Best Experience: My kids and meeting my soul mate Abbey Aitken

Worst Experience: Flats on the 4th floor

Callum Peace

Callum Peace

Job Title: Porter & 3.5t Driver

Service: 3 Years

Speciality: Finding the gap, falling and Still Game Quotes

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Food: Pasta/Burgers

Hero: Mikey Toner

Best Experience: Away Trips

Worst Experience: Couches at Christmas time


George Reynolds

Job Title: Porter

Service: 20 years+

Speciality: Bowls

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Favourite Team: Celtic

Best Experience: Moving Stephen Hendry

Worst Experience: 13th Floor Flat in Dubai


Sean Tierney

Job Title: Porter/Driver

Service: 4 Years

Speciality: Mechanic

Tea or Coffee: Coke

Favourite Team: Purdies

Best Experience: Everyday

Worst Experience: SG10

Michael Toner

Job Title: Porter

Service: 30+ Years

Speciality: Lifting things

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Favourite Team: Spain

Best Experience: Working with different people

Worst Experience: Working in high winds