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You can be rest assured your documents will be securely shredded at Purdie Worldwide thanks to our Quality Service Standard in the Secure Destruction of Condfidential Material.

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Secure Document Shredding


Secure Destruction

At Purdie Worldwide we realised that a lot of our Home Removal customers had a great deal of old receipts and bank statements they wanted to get rid of before they moved to their new address. We saw this as an opportunity to help our current and future customers and introduce a cheap and efficient Secure Document Shredding Service which achieves the Quality Service Standard in The Secure Desctruction of Confidential Material .

Step 1

You can either come into our Office and purchase a shredding bag from our shop. Or better yet, you can order them online and pick them up in-store, or we’ll deliver the bag out to you for a small fee!


Step 2

Once you’ve filled your shredding bag(s) simply seal and tag each bag with the unique reference number supplied and return them to our office, or call to arrange collection. We then complete the paperwork, note the date and time the bag(s) were handed in for shredding.

Step 3

Our specially trained shredding team then take the shredding bags to our on-site recycling centre. Every point of a shredding bag’s journey is captured by our High Definition 24/7 CCTV.


Step 4

All Tag details are noted down on our Shredding Register along with the date and time the bags were shredded. This allows us to be able to track the exact time documents were shredded by using just the tag details.

Step 5

Once the shredding is complete our Shredding Team then process the data and produce a bespoke Certificate of Destruction for every client. These are electronically generated certificates that include the hard drive’s make, model and serial number, along with the security method used to erase the data.


What can Archie shred for you today?

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